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Newsam Green Farm, Leeds
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How to buy drinks at Mint Festival
1. Buy cashless credit in advance above
2. On the day of the show, every customer will be provided with a cashless wristband once their event ticket has been scanned
3. Your cashless credit voucher will be scanned at the gate with your ticket or there will be a designated cashless credit redemption point on site.
4. Your wristband is credited
5. Head to the bar and get the drinks in!
6. Don’t worry if you run out - you can top up again with Cash or Card at a TopUp stand as many times as you like!
7. Keep your wristband including the chip to refund what you don’t spend, after the event (refund window Information below)
Get additional free credit on all advance credit vouchers of £50 or more! This offer is not available for top-ups on the show day at the event; it is only available on vouchers bought in advance above. By buying your Cashless Credit in advance you will have your own separate area to redeem your voucher to avoid big queues!
When topping up your wristband on the day, we accept card or cash at the TopUp points! However, we advise buying Cashless Credit in advance for ease and for the benefit of additional FREE credit.
If you would like to apply for a refund after the event, the refund link will be posted on Mint Festival's Facebook & Website on 28/09/2021 at 12:00 midday and will close at 12:00 midday on 30/09/2021.

Terms & Conditions

Free credit is only available for advanced top-ups with a minimum spend of £50. Paid credit must be spent before free credit will be activated
Free credit is not refundable
Every wristband used will incur a £1 activation fee
Every customer is entitled to a refund after the event for any credit which isn’t spent on the day. Please note, this refund link will be posted across Mint Festival's Facebook/website at 12:00 Midday 28/09/2021
For every refund processed £1 bank charges will be incurred and will be deducted from the credit left on your wristband
Customers will have between 12.00 Midday 28/09/2021 until 12:00 Midday 30/09/2021 to process their refund
All refunds must be applied for by 12:00 Midday 30/09/2021. After which you will not be able to apply for any leftover funds on your wristband
Unclaimed Cashless Credit Vouchers may be refunded
Refunds can take 2-5 working days to process depending on your location and bank account type


Venue Address: Newsam Green Farm, Leeds, Leeds, LS15 9AD